Local manufacturer Gold rings for your weddings and engagements.

We are manufacturers of locally refined gold and silver rings available in all sizes and exact measurements of our desired clients. The deigns come in grams and karats with a corresponding amount and it’s negotiable. Our customers are also given the opportunity to bring their preferred designs . It’s very affordable.

Organic handcrafted activated charcoal soap

Our activated charcoal and cream soap will detoxify your skin, clear common skin blemishes such as eczema, rashes, pimples, acne, and other general skin irritations. Delivery available through out Ghana and worldwide. Wholesale,bulk purchases and retail available Call to place your orders. +233560570788 Whatsapp +233247340405

Organic handcrafted turmeric, activated charcoal, honey and oat facial soap

Activated charcoal, turmeric, Oat, honey and kaolin clay facial bars. Kiss acne, skin blemishes, hyperpigmentation, skin irritations goodbye. Call us on +233560570788 or whatsapp +233247340405 to place your orders. Delivery available nationwide

Organic handcrafted turmeric, cucumber, oats and honey facial bar

Organic handmade Tumeric, cucumber,honey and oats facial bar. Brighten, hydrate and clear your skin all in a go with one of these facial bars. Call +233560570788 or whatsapp us on +233247340405 to place your orders. Bulk purchases, wholesaling available. http://www.facebook.com/allthingsnaturalbeauty allthingsnaturalbeauty.ecwid.com

Honey­well Eclip­se MK514­5 Barco­de Reade­r

Brand­: Honey­well ­ Host syste­m inter­faces­: USB Cable­ Sca­n Eleme­nt Type: Visib­le laser diode­ Sca­n Patte­rn: Singl­e Pass ­ Colo­r: Black / light gray ­ Extr­a featu­res ­Handh­eld barco­de reade­r can be used to scan and decod­e linea­r 1D barco­des ­Laser produ­ces singl­e line of light that can scan barco­des at a speed of up to 72 scans per secon­d US­B cable can be conne­cted to a compu­ter or anoth­er host syste­m (sold separ­ately­) to trans­mit barco­de data ­ Code­Gate setti­ng preve­nts barco­de data from being trans­mitte­d until butto­n is pushe­d to help preve­nt accid­ental scans

Angel Skin Care Products

Angel skin care products for rashes, pimples, wrinkles, black spots, darkened and dry skin. We have the Mixed Soap, Body and Facial Creams. We have two types of body creams which is number 5 and number 6. Number 5 is for skin lightening and number 6 is for skin whitening. They are made with natural ingredients so there’s no side effects. These products protect your skin from ultraviolet rays and leave your skin perfectly smooth, soft and evenly lightened and whitened.