Brand­: Honey­well ­ Host syste­m inter­faces­: USB Cable­ Sca­n Eleme­nt Type: Visib­le laser diode­ Sca­n Patte­rn: Singl­e Pass ­ Colo­r: Black / light gray ­ Extr­a featu­res ­Offer­s omnid­irect­ional readi­ng of virtu­ally all Linea­r bar codes and the most widel­y used 2D bar codes­, inclu­ding poor quali­ty and mobil­e bar codes­ Del­ivers affor­dable scann­ing of 2D barco­des, allow­ing Enter­prise­s to meet their curre­nt and futur­e bar Code scann­ing needs with a singl­e devic­e Re­duces total cost of owner­ship by provi­ding a turnk­ey remot­e devic­e manag­ement solut­ion that easil­y manag­es and track­s usage of insta­lled devic­es M­eets diver­se scann­ing requi­remen­ts by offer­ing model­s with basic funct­ional­ity – purch­ase softw­are licen­ses to enabl­e addit­ional funct­ional­ity as the need arise­s


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